Notable Labs is a drug testing service to help oncologists identify actionable treatment options for people with blood cancers.


Doctors collect a blood or bone marrow sample
and send it to Notable Labs.
Based on the patient’s diagnosis
Notable chooses a panel of FDA-approved drugs that have published anti-cancer effects.
Notable tests
thousands of drug combinations on the sample.
Notable provides
a report of the results to the physician within several days.
The doctor uses
Notable’s report to consider treatment options for the patient.


Notable’s custom robotic platform handles every aspect of the testing process to ensure results are delivered to doctors quickly and reliably.

Leukemia Clinical Trials

Notable has worked with oncologists in clinical trials at Princess Margaret Cancer Center in Toronto and the University of Florida in Gainesville to identify treatment options for leukemia patients who have failed previous standard therapies.

Founding Story

Notable was started with one patient in mind: Matt’s dad Marc. When Marc was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2013, Matt was frustrated with the limited treatment options available to him. Notable’s mission is to help patients like Marc find promising therapies that their doctor can prescribe for them today.

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